Discussion Topics for 2017-2018

  1. Importance of Affinity Groups on Campus
    • Building student, alumni, faculty, and staff advocacy groups
  2. Regional Partnerships 
    • Collaborative programs with local schools and non-profits
  3. School Certifying Official Topics
    • Best practices and current policies
  4. Impact of Institutional Advancement
    • Scholarships and fundraising initiatives
  5. Best Practices that Address Student Issues 
    • Including disabilities, family life, etc.
  6. Tracking Data and Retention of Veteran Students
    • What data is worth tracking, and gathering student retention data
  7. Building Mentorship Programs
    • Alumni and faculty/staff based
  8. Western PA Veterans Education Summit
    • Discussion about collaborating on building an event to showcase all educational institutions
  9. Marketing Ideas
    • Ideas for marketing programs, engaging students, and other associated communication